John Gruber on the new iPhone 5s camera

Disruption. Apple just put the point and shoot camera industry (and some of the “Pro-summer” dSLR one) out of business.

You see, for any camera manufacturer to give you many of those same features would mean they would have to build (or buy) a low-power, super fast, 64bit processor to build into their cameras and then write the software to deliver these things. In other words — it will not happen. Ever. They don’t have the resources. And, anyone who has not yet seen the writing on the wall in that industry will surely have to see it now.

The sad thing is that they will be likely left wondering what happened, like so many other industries Apple has disrupted before. They will be asking themselves why people no longer valued megapixels and fancy lenses. Or why they can’t seem to sell any of those thousand dollar dSLRs. They will think it is because Apple is so big and powerful, or the giant pile of cash, or the innovation they brought to the table. Or they will think that the consumer was “satisfied” with phone photos. That they chose the ease, convenience, and economy of not having to carry a “real” camera around. They will point the finger everywhere but at the truth…

People just wanted great photos and the iPhone 5S delivered that.

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