Excellent analysis of iOS7 design by Matt Gemmell

This is a must read.

An excerpt:

Consider how Messages looks now, compared to its iOS 6 counterpart.

Messages on iOS 6 and iOS 7

We can quibble about colour choices, but when viewed against the new style, the sheer weight and gimmickry of the bubbles and bevels and shine becomes very apparent. The navigation bar at the top hangs there like a lintel, frowning away. It’s a pretty Photoshop job, but to my eye it now looks chunky and theme-y, like a skin for jailbroken devices.

The shift in style is even more apparent when you receive a phone call.

Phone on iOS 6 and iOS 7

Bevels, grip-handles, embossing, shadows, gloss, inner-glows and acres of hard button-borders. The chrome on the iOS 6 screen eats away 60% of the display, and very much has the appearance of an alert. The newer version not only lets you see more of the caller’s photo, but is a quieter presentation. It’s not a fetishistic encrusting of widgets, but rather just content – with a few options hanging around if you wish to use them.