Ready to head home

Our last morning in Istanbul. Just made my morning coffee in the Aeropress and I’m just trying to wake up. I function on adrenaline when I am traveling because I love it so much but then when the trip is over I’m pretty much dead.

Rachel is sleeping… I have to pack. We have some additional weight going home because of the amazing nuts and dried fruit we bought here. Most shops can vacuum pack items so you can take them back into the US.

Then we go down to breakfast. A hotel breakfast buffet is a lovely way to start the day, especially when it’s included with your room so you don’t have to think about the cost. We need to go out to pick up some Turkish Delight to bring home (I would pack a suitcase full of it if I could) and then we are being picked up to head to the airport. I arranged transfers via Efendi travel, recommended by Private van transfers are about $30 each way, vs $25 for a cramped taxi. The hotel concierge wanted $110 for a transfer and said $30 was impossible. Never trust a concierge’s recommendation.