A few hours off in Paris (with the Fuji x100s)

After a long day of meetings and projects, Kate, Jorge and I took the Metro over to the Hotel de Ville stop and walked to Notre Dame Cathedral. We took a quick look inside, and then stopped in a cafe for a drink to warm up and a snack. It was a very touristy place, being so close to Notre Dame, and it was fascinating to see the difference in coffee prices between sitting down and standing at the bar. An espresso at the counter is €1. At the table, it’s €2.40. An Americano is €2.20 at the counter and €4.40 at the table.

From there we continued west and into the St. Germain de Pres area of the Latin Quarter (Left Bank). We ended up on some crowded, narrow streets full of bars, gyro walk-up windows, creperies, pizzarias, gift shops, etc. It was a fun place… Kate and I had crepes for dinner (Jorge was full from our small snack and his $10 bailey’s cappucino) and then we stopped in a little grocery and then a Monoprix (like a big Walgreens or a small Target) to pick up a couple things. (I got a couple Clairefontaine notebooks.)

From there we hopped in a taxi back to the hotel, which was only €8 and a 5 minute ride. It was fun to be out of the hotel and in an interesting neighborhood (the area around the hotel is very corporate, with more expensive restaurants, big hotels, etc). Mostly it was nice to be out of the work environment and just hanging out with friends. I think it’ll refresh me for the work tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning – pre-con meeting with our DMC for a complete program review.

Note on photos: I’m just learning to use my new Fuji x100s camera. I have more bad photos than good ones at this point, but I’m so impressed with the camera’s high ISO capabilities. The photos below were shot at ISOs from 200 to 6400. Not sure why I am shooting so many photos in B&W – this camera just makes me want to. And the camera’s size makes me want to take it everywhere. All but one of the photos below are JPGs with very minor editing in Lightroom. One of them (me at Notre Dame) was very much overexposed, but since I was shooing in JPG+RAW, I was able to edit the RAW image and easily make a usable photo from it.

Paris bridge

Notre Dame Photos

Door of Notre Dame

Outside Notre Dame Cathedral

Kate and Jorge at Notre Dame

Kevin at Notre Dame

Notre Dame and Signs


Kevin - ham and cheese crepe