First work night in Paris

After a busy day of meetings and work today we all went to Montmartre to see where our group will be in a few days. After our taxi drivers took us to the wrong place we eventually made it to the funiculaire. We rode up to Sacre Coeur church and then walked all over to see the restaurants we had booked for our VIPs. Aside from it being a little cold and windy, it was a fun outing.

Then we took the funiculaire back down and got taxis to go to Flottes restaurant near our hotel. This is one of the restaurants we are using for a bunch of VIP host dinners in the coming weeks. The device was slow and not attentive… and the food ranged from mediocre to awful. We sent back most of the dishes uneaten and we will be canceling all of our dinners scheduled there. Glad we went there… better us than the VIPs.

Meanwhile I think we all had fun. It was our first time all going out as a team together and we laughed about each challenge during the evening, from being cold to being lost to dealing with yucky squid bolognese and cold, hard veal. Good thing the bread and cheese was good!

Tomorrow is another busy workday including our hotel pre-con meeting, assembling amenities for the rooms each night and definitely revising our plans for host dinners.