Excellent article on “Email Mistakes that Irritate Smart People”

Email Mistakes that Irritate Smart People, from Ben Brooks. I agree with most of this… especially the few highlights below.

The Follow-Up Call
This is not strictly and email irritation, but I hate it when people call me to discuss an email chain, or in lieu of responding via email. If I sent you an email I did so for good reason – please respond in the format that I initiated the communication.

KD: What bothers me even more is when I text someone and they call me back immediately to answer. 

Telling Me Versus Asking Me
Unless you are my boss then you need to ask me for things, telling me to do something will get you no where. Don’t send me an email saying “I need you to get me this information ASAP” – ask me to get you that information and let me know if there is a time constraint. In doing this you will find people are far more helpful – even if you are their boss.

Look at a JPG of My Company Logo
It is really awesome that you figured out how to embed your company logo in your email signature, but I know who you are and what your company logo looks like. I still hate it. Don’t waste bandwidth sending me email attachments of your logo. Further it really screws me over when I go to look for emails that you sent me a file in – every email you send me has a damned attachment.

Stop With the Cryptic Subject
Think of your subject line like a title of a book – would you buy a book called “RE: Report”. Nope. We need to tell people what the email is about in the subject line, so that they know if they need to open it now or not. For instance instead of saying “Report” as your subject how about put the actual subject in – “Please Review My TPS Report” – oh snap now I know whether to read that now or later.