“There’s nothing in the mainstream.”

Excerpt from a fascinating interview of Thom Yorke by Alec Baldwin. Hear the whole recording (or read the transcript) here.

Alec Baldwin: Now, tangentially related to that, as you’ve gotten older and you look around the musical landscape, do you – what you see, does it appeal to you?

Thom Yorke: In the mainstream?

Alec Baldwin: In the mainstream.

Thom Yorke: There’s nothing in the mainstream. The mainstream is just a void, you know, to me. I mean what’s weird about putting a record out now, really – and this is not like sour grapes at all – it’s just the fact of volume, literally the shear volume of stuff that gets put out.

It’s like this huge frickin’ waterfall and you’re just throwing your pebble in and it carries on down the waterfall and that’s that. Right, okay, next.