First attempt taking a portable coffee brewing setup on the road

I’m heading to Cancun tomorrow for a week long business trip, and I am bringing an Aeropress, an electric kettle, and a half pound of Kaldi’s Coffee (preground for drip). Going to test it out to see if (a) it’s worth the trouble, (b) I enjoy making coffee in my hotel room and (c) it’s as easy as it looks.

Issues to weigh: the added weight and space in my suitcase for the gear and coffee, the potential mess in the hotel room, and the preground coffee vs fresh ground (not willing to buy a $50 portable grinder yet).

I’m calling this a test run – I’m going to be in a hotel room in Paris for 2.5 weeks in May, and the ability to make great coffee in my room would be pretty fantastic.

I’m having one challenge with the Aeropress so far… it’s making a great single cup of Americano (Aeropress filled to the top, 1 scoop, 1 minute steep, add about 40% more water), but when I try to double it to fill my travel mug (2 scoops, add more hot water afterwards), it doesn’t taste nearly as good. Any suggestions on how to better make 2 cups of coffee with an Aeropress?