Hooked on British post-punk

I am totally hooked on British post-punk right now (I used to think it was called New Wave, still can’t figure out the difference.) Listening to The Cure and the Smiths has led me to a ton of other bands (with lots of help from this question in the Rate Your Music forums). Some are new to me, others I knew a bit when I was younger, but only the hits.

My current playlist of 350+ songs includes:

The Cure (1/3 of the playlist)
The Smiths
New Order
Joy Division (used to think they were awful… now I can’t get enough. needed context.)
Gang of Four
The Chameleons
Dalis Car
Depeche Mode (avoiding the couple big hits.)
Duran Duran (first album only – 1981, before they were really big)
Echo and the Bunnymen (can’t get into them yet)
Eyeless in Gaza
The Jam
Jesus and Mary Chain (just a few)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (a bit, from 1994)
OMD (avoiding the big hits)
Psychedelic Furs

Here’s a spotify playlist with about 2/3 of the songs on my current playlist.

I’ve also become aware of some modern bands that are very much in the same style… LCD Soundsystem being the most obvious, but also Bloc Party, Interpol and Franz Ferdinand. There’s a playlist to come.

Here’s my lastfm page if you care to see exactly what I’m listening to.

PS How is it even possible that I didn’t already have U2’s first album??