I seem to be consuming more music

I make monthly playlists in itunes, which I then listen to on a few different devices. When I move on to a new playlist, or when I tire of a song, I move it to an archive for the year. Taking a look at the number of songs in the archives for the last eight years, it’s remarkable how the number of songs has been rising each year since 2008. My consumption of music in 2012 is nearly double that of 2011.

(There is a bit of distortion in the data for 2006-2008. I have removed some genres from my everyday itunes library since I am at my 25k song limit in itunes match.)

2005 – 338 songs
2006 – 81 songs
2007 – 102 songs
2008 – 98 songs
2009 – 150 songs
2010 – 229 songs
2011 – 317 songs
2012 – 614 songs