2012 “best of” music lists

This is a list of the music lists that I found interesting or useful. There’s a much more complete list of lists at Largehearted Boy and an aggregation of 500+ album ratings at Album of the Year (plus their collection of lists). The Metacritic end of year roundup is a great resource as well.

I’ve also made a spotify playlist of my 100 favorite songs (so far). I keep finding new stuff on these lists and I think it’ll take me a couple months to really get through it all.

Updated 12/24. Newest posts at the top. 

Mixtapes top 50 songs. #1: Japandroids, House that Heaven Built.

All Things Go top 50 songs. #1: Jai Paul, Jasmine.

Sound Influx albums 20-11. Albums 10-1. #1: Django Django.

Pitchfork writers’ individual top 10 lists, songs and albums. Amazing lists. **

Pitchfork top 50 albums. #1: Kendrick Lamar.

SideOneTrackOne’s Brad’s top 10 albums (no order).

Pretty Much Amazing’s top 100 albums. #1: Fiona Apple. Spotify playlist.

Drowned in Sound top songs (no order). Spotify playlist.

NPR’s Ken Tucker’s top 10 albums. #1: Fiona Apple.

PopMatters best world music.

KDHX 88.1 DJ top 10 lists.

KDHX 88.1 most played albums.

Huffington Post best songs (no order).

Pitchfork top 100 songs. #1: Grimes, Oblivion. Spotify playlist (86 tracks).

PopMatters top pop singles.

Slant Magazine top 25 songs. #1: Drake & Rhianna, Take Care.

PopMatters top 10 indie pop albums. #1: Allo Darlin.

SF Critic lists from Darryl, Patrick, Fabian, Carlos, and Angela.

SideOneTrackOne’s Noah’s top 5 albums. #1: Tame Impala.

The Guardian top songs. #1: Call Me Maybe. Spotify playlist.

AV Club favorite songs (from various staff).

AV club top 50 albums. #1: Flying Lotus.

Frontier Psychiatrist top 50 songs. #1: Dirty Projectors, Gun Has No Trigger. Spotify playlist.

Cozy Catastrophe’s top songs (thanks to Largeheartedboy). #1: Dirty Three, Sometimes I Forget You’ve Gone.

Stereogum readers’ poll top songs. #1: Japandroids, House That Heaven Built.

Washington Post top pop albums. #1: Frank Ocean.

Beats Per Minute top 100 songs. #1: Disclosure, What’s In Your Head.

Pretty Much Amazing top songs (no order).

NPR’s Ann Powers top albums. #1: Miguel.

NPR’s Bob Boilen top albums. #1: Alt-J.

NPR’s Robin Hilton’s top albums. #1: Cat Power.

NPR’s Stephen Thompson’s top albums. #1: Japandroids.

NPR readers’ poll top albums. #1: Mumford and Sons.

MTV top 20 albums. #1: Japandroids.

Top albums from the 3 writers at Indie Bloops and Bleeps.

SideOneTrackOne’s Dan’s top 5 albums. #1: Lace Curtains.

Everybody Taste top 60 songs. #1: Lace Curtains, High Fantasy. Looks like a great list. Spotify playlist.

Faster Louder top 50 albums. #1: Tame Impala.

PopMatters top 75 songs. #1: Grimes, Oblivion. Spotify playlist (#1 at the bottom).

Patrick Schreiner’s top 10 albums. #1: Mike Snow. Also top songs list.

Stereogum reader’s poll of top 20 songs. #1: Japandroids, House that Heaven Built.

SideOneTrackOne’s Mikela’s top 5 albums. #1: Alt-J.

Gorilla vs Bear’s top 100 songs. #1: Usher, Climax. Spotify playlist (#1 at the top).

Said the Gramophone top 100 songs (downloadable!). #1: Call Me Maybe. Great list.

PopMatters top 75 albums. #1: Frank Ocean.

Sentient Developments top 100 songs. #1: Cloud Nothings, Wasted Days. Top 100 albums. #1: Cloud Nothings.

28 Candles top 20 albums. #1 (tied): The xx and Lost in the Trees.

Songs for the Nerdy top 10 songs. #1: Grizzly Bear, Yet Again.

Obscure Sound top 10 albums. #1: Tame Impala.

28 Candles top 50 songs. #1: Le1f, Wut and Beach House, Myth (tie). Spotify playlist. ** Great list.

Aural Eyes 15 best albums. #1: Tame Impala.

VOXXI’s top 10 albums. #1: Frank Ocean. Also top singles. #1: Robbie Williams, Candy. (Strange choices, in my opinion.)

Agunsux top 10 albums. #1: David Byrne and St. Vincent.

The Hype Machine most blogged artists and songs. #1 artist: Grimes. Songs in no order.

The Cream Room top 10 albums (no order).

John Flansburgh’s top 2 albums.

Reddit poll for top albums. #1: Tame Impala. And another one. #1: Kendrick Lamar.

Spinner’s top 50 albums. #1: Fiona Apple.

WBEZ Chicago top 40 albums. #1: Tame Impala.

FACT magazine top 50 albums. #1: Kendrick Lamar. (I don’t even know what most of the music on this list is.)

Drowned in Sound top 5 albums (tied).

SideOneTrackOne’s top 25 albums. #1: Lace Curtains.

PopMatters top 10 country albums. #1: Dwight Yoakam.

Magnet’s top 25 albums. #1: The Walkmen.

Consequence of Sound top 50 songs. #1: Frank Ocean, Thinkin’ Bout You. (awful list otherwise)

Washington Post top 10 pop albums. #1: Frank Ocean. Also top 10 singles.

BBC top 25 albums. #1: Kendrick Lamar.

Sondre Lerche’s top 5 albums. #1: Dirty Projectors. Also 5 favorite songs.

Chicago Tribune’s Greg Kot’s top 10 albums. #1: Frank Ocean.

Most played songs from the staff of Entertainment Weekly. Spotify playlist. 

Greg Horror top songs of the year (spotify playlist).

Criticial Sam top 25 albums. #1: Tame Impala.

NME aggregated lists.

NPR stations top songs. (Great lists)

Grammy award nominations.

Stereogum top 50 albums. #1: Fiona Apple. Also lists from staff members.

NPR top 100 songs (no order). Spotify playlist. 

NPR top 50 albums (no order).

Treble’s top 50 songs. #1: Frank Ocean, Pyramids. Spotify playlist.

Amazon best 100 songs. #1: Delta Spirit, California.

Amazon best 100 albums. #1: Of Monsters and Men.

Amazon top selling songs. #1: Call Me Maybe.

American Songwriter’s top 50 songs. #1: Shovels and Rope, Birmingham.

American Songwriter’s top 50 albums. #1: Bob Dylan.

In Jallu’s Words top 10 songs. #1: Grimes, Oblivion.

Lots of top 5 lists from the readers of Drowned in Sound.

Top albums from the Drowned in Sound staff.

Spotify most popular 100 tracks. #1: Gotye, Somebody I Used To Know.

Filter Magazine staff picks for top 10 albums. #1: Tame Impala. (Plus individual lists from each staff person.)

Pop Matters top 75 songs. #1: Grimes, Oblivion.

Sean in Tumblr top 40 albums. #1: Chromatics.

Filter Magazine top 25 albums. #1: Frank Ocean.

Spin’s top 50 albums. #1: Frank Ocean. (Tip – click left arrow to get to bottom of list)

Gorilla vs Bear’s top 50 albums. #1: Grimes.

The Vermont Cynic (Univ of Vermont)’s top 5 albums. #1: Polica.

NY Magazine’s Nitsue Abebe’s top 10 albums. #1: Kendrick Lamar.

The Misc Blog’s top 25 albums. #1: The Weeknd.

Untitled Untitled top 10 albums. #1: Bill Fay.

NME top 50 tracks. #1: Palma Violets: Best of Friends.

Resident music top 10 albums. #1: Grimes.

Uncut Magazine top 75 albums. #1: Leonard Cohen.

Awkward Sound top 25 albums. #1: Ceremony.

Awkward Sound top 25 songs. #1: Japandroids, House That Heaven Built.

The Hipster Files top 40 albums. #1: How to Dress Well.

Waterloo Records top 45 albums. #1: Tame Impala.

Buzzfeed’s “22 great albums you might have missed”. #1: The Mynabirds.

Best Ever Albums best albums. #1: Beach House.

The Awl’s top 50 albums and 100 great songs.

Sideonetrackone top 50 songs. #1: Purity Ring, Fineshrine. Plus a 300+ song spotify playlist.

Paste top 50 songs. #1: Japandroids, The House that Heaven Built.

NME’s top 50 albums. #1: Tame Impala.

The Guardian top 40 albums (40-21). (20-11)

Aggregated ratings (500+ albums) from Album of the Year. #1: Frank Ocean.

MOJO’s top 20 albums. #1: Jack White.

Paste Magazine top 50 albums. #1: Frank Ocean. Details here. 

Joshua Lachkovic’s top 20 pop songs. #1 Taylor Swift, We Are Never Getting Back Together.

Pop Crush top 10 pop songs. #1: Kesha, Die Young.

Elastic Witch top albums.

Piccadilly Records top 100 albums. #1: Goat.

KCRW DJ’s top 10 lists (lots of them)

Uncle Lumpy’s top 10 country albums. #1: Tim Culpepper.

Surfing on Steam albums #20-11.

East Bay Express, Azeen Ghorayshi’s top 10 albums. 

Easy Bay Express, Whitney Phaneuf’s top 10 albums.

The Fly’s top 50 albums. #1: Sharon Von Etten

USA Today Pop Candy top 10 albums. #1: Miguel

The Nosebleeds Sully’s top 10 albums. #1 Frank Ocean

The Nosebleeds Don’s top 10 albums. #1 Kendrick Lamar

Sabotage Times various top 5 lists.

Rough Trade top 10 albums. Top 100. #1 Grimes

Decibel’s top 40 metal albums. #1: Converge.

The Fly’s top 50 albums. #1: Sharon Von Etten

Imperfect Women top 10 albums. #1: American Aquarium