Tweetbot for Mac. $20 and worth it.

I bought the paid version of Tweetbot for Mac today. Yes, it’s $20. But the next best option (Echofon) has ceased development because of this Twitter tokens fiasco, so Tweetbot is the only good option out there. Fortunately, it happens to be an amazing, well-designed app.

I’ve been using the beta on and off for a couple months now, and gradually getting used to it. Six reasons I’m happy I bought the new version:

1. When you reply to a tweet, it automatically shows you the prior conversation. Very clever.

Inline image 1

2. When you click on a tweet, it not only shows you the prior conversation, but it also shows you replies. Prior conversation is below the tweet, replies are above. Makes sense.

Inline image 2

3. Customizable columns, if you want them.

Inline image 3

4. iCloud sync, which will sync your mute filters, timeline position, drafts, etc.

5. Ability to edit twitter profile from within the app. Same for lists.

Inline image 4

6. When you are composing a tweet, the compose box is anchored to the menu bar… but you can drag this to another window location. (If you are in certain columns, like search, and compose a tweet, the compose box appears as a floating box, sometimes in a bad location. Wish this location could be set.)

Inline image 5

7. The awesome menubar icon. Not only can you view how many DMs or mentions you have, you can open a compose window directly from this icon. When you click New Tweet, a lone compose window pops up. Brilliant.