The Ten Best Dishes in St. Louis

Here’s my list of the ten best meals in St. Louis… at least for now. Ask me in two weeks and I might come up with something else. (I do miss those drummies from Annie Gunn’s…)

10. Taqueria Durango – Carne Asada Tacos

9. Ted Drewes – Concrete (ideally a large oreo banana malt)

8. Dressel’s – Pretzel appetizer with mustard (and a beer)

7. Flavor of India – dinner buffet

Photo from restaurant’s website

6. Winslow’s Home – Peach Pie

5. Kaldi’s – Any coffee beverage
Kaldi's latte-2 (iphone).jpg

4. Carl’s Drive In – Cheeseburger
Carl's Burgers-5.jpg

3. Pappy’s – Ribs
Pappy's - 08

2. Feraro’s – Plain pizza (with an appetizer of garlic knots)

Photo from Feraro’s website

1. U City Grill – Bi Bim Bop
Bi bim bap #food #yum