A couple St. Louis restaurant reviews

Flavor of India, Creve Coeur

This has become our go-to Indian restaurant, despite the fact that we live a block from House of India, possibly the most popular place in town.

The main reason is that they have a dinner buffet on Friday and Saturday nights. We’ve been there a bunch of times for dinner buffet and we enjoy it so much more than ordering from a menu. Their buffet has a huge variety of entrees and sides, definitely more than most Indian buffets have for lunch.

We went tonight and the food was exceptional. I don’t know if they have a new chef or something, but everything was just fantastic.

So why four stars instead of five? The staff there has one habit that drives me crazy – they wipe off clean silverware with a towel in the corner and throw it into a silverware bin. It’s so loud that I don’t know how anyone can bear to have a conversation while they do that. Also, when they clear dishes from a table, they practically toss them into a buspan, making a huge racket.

I know this sounds like a minor gripe, but it happens every time we go and it’s a huge annoyance. If the food wasn’t so great we’d go somewhere else.

Las Palmas, near the airport

This is perhaps the worst Mexican restaurant in St. Louis. Lousy food. Runny salsa. Smelly cleaning supplies as they cleaned around us. Cheesy decor.

Really – skip it.