Found on Flickr: EXCLUSIVE – Waffle House grill cook cheat sheet by nickgraywfu

This is a photograph of a Waffle House grill cook’s cheat sheet.

The photographs indicate the way in which a cook marks his orders. These secret plate markers allow a Waffle House cook to simultaneously prepare multiple customer orders at once.

Let me give you an example. If I were to order three scrambled eggs, dry wheat toast, and hash browns, the waitress would face the grill and yell out loud – "Mark: Triple scrambled dry wheat plate."

The cook would then quickly take a large dinner plate, turn it sideways, and place a tub of jelly upside down at the six o’clock position.

The six o’clock position indicates scrambled eggs, and the jelly upside down means wheat toast. I am not sure how to mark "dry" for the toast, or how to indicate hash browns versus grits.

This chart explains why I often get a packet of mayonnaise with my grilled chicken plate.

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via Flickr