Early morning in Budapest

Metro at 630 am to the park where the flea market and baths are. No coffee anywhere in sight.


In the center of the park are the baths. The building is gigantic, and when I went in at 7 am, the only other people there were older locals. In one bath I asked an older man if he spoke English and he just looked at me like I was a crazy person.

I counted about 14 baths… They seemed to have different chemicals or something in each because the signs for each were different. I found the outside pools, which were steaming from the heat. It’s amazing that people just go and sit in the baths doing nothing. I got bored after a few minutes in each one.

After 45 min or so in the baths, i got my camera out of the locker, got dressed and went back through to take some photos. I got a few funny looks walking through fully dressed and I think one man yelled at me for taking photos!


It was kind of a long walk through the park to find the flea market, and after a while I thought maybe this was a dumb idea and perhaps the flea market would be a waste of time.


I was wrong. The flea market was amazing… All locals, all kinds of stuff for sale. Local baked goods, beef, soviet stuff, clothes, tools, etc etc. Fantastic.



Harley of Budapest.


Walking back to the metro station I couldn’t find anywhere to eat, so I stopped in a McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin and a coffee. Thought it was funny that there were instructions on the self serve soda machine.




After this, I took the metro back to the hotel to change and drop off my wet towel and bathing suit, and to prepare for my next excursion.

– Posted from my iPhone in Budapest