Rome Airport

The Rome airport is nuts. I am at T3, which seems to be domestic and inter-Europe flights. I got here a couple hours early for my flight to Budapest, which was perfect as it took almost 20 minutes to find the long term baggage storage where I left my larger suitcase until I return to Rome for my flight home in a few days. Once inside security, it feels more like what I would expect from a large Mexican airport instead of Rome.

Standing in line for coffee is an experience in itself. Lots of yelling, then they give you a perfect espresso in a cup and saucer. Crazy. They need a McDonalds or a deli here… a Caprese sandwich and a croissant just doesn’t do it for breakfast.

Time to board. They’ve crammed us all onto two busses to go out to the plane and they are keeping us standing on the buses at the terminal for 20 minutes. Its controlled chaos and everyone seems to be used to it.


There’s one other American couple on the bus… everyone else seems to be Italian or Hungarian. I am hoping Budapest will be mostly free of Americans as well.

Just noticed that I’m the ONLY person with a North Face jacket on, listening to music on headphones or looking at / typing on my phone.

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