Notes on Arrival in Budapest

I’ve arrived in Budapest and am half exhausted from the last three weeks and half excited to be here. After figuring out the currency and taxi to the hotel, I was very happy to arrive at Le Meridien, where the rooms are modern and spotless and everyone speaks perfect English. Might as well be in Chicago (which I am happy about).



On the way to the hotel I realized that the language barrier will be much more significant than in Italy. Here they use the same letters as English but since it is not a Latin based language, I can’t read a word of it. It might as well be in Russian.

I don’t think I’ve ever gone anywhere before where I haven’t done some research to prepare. I wanted this to be an adventure, albeit a relaxing one… So all I did was book a hotel in the center of town. I think I’ll take a bus tour tomorrow to see the sights, and just wander on my own the rest of the time.

Now… a snack and a nap!


– Posted from my iPhone in Rome

Location:Deák Ferenc St,Budapest,Hungary