Update from last night in Rome

It’s 1 AM on Monday morning and we are just about to go to sleep after a pretty relaxing day.

We had breakfast in the hotel and then took a taxi across the river to Trastevere where we visited a church, sat in the town square, visited a Bodum kitchen shop and stopped for coffee in 2 places. While in Trastevere, we saw very few tourists, and I loved the feeling that we were experiencing a bit of normal Italian city life. We watched families at a playground and guys talking on a streetcorner. It was a really fun and relaxing experience after a few days of crowds and tourists in the city center.

We walked back across the river to browse through some shops, then went back to the hotel. Rachel read and napped while I went out for lunch and another visit to Caffe Greco for coffee and a little photo editing. Then I went back and napped too.

We discovered a restaurant around the corner with delicious food and had a late dinner at 9:30 PM (late for us, normal for Italians) then spent a couple hours hanging out in our room before bed. Rachel read and I planned our driving route for tomorrow… We are planning to head out around 10 with our rental car to head north. Hoping to visit 1 or 2 hill towns and have lunch before we reach the town of Montalcino in the afternoon.

More updates tomorrow!

Then we walk

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