Morning update… last day in Rome

It’s 9 AM on Sunday morning and I’m sitting in the lobby of the hotel (Westin Excelsior).  Today is our last day in Rome and we are planning a relaxing day.  We’ve seen all the big sights that we are interested in and want to have a more relaxing day, hopefully away from crowds of tourists and tour groups.

We’ve been pretty successful at avoiding tourists at dinners… the first night we were in a restaurant full of Americans, but the other nights we were in the minority, in restaurants full of Italians.  We managed to go to the major attractions when they weren’t busy and made reservations in advance or bought passes to avoid waiting in lines, but they still seemed very crowded with tourists and tour groups. 

Today we are heading to an area of town called Trastevere, across the Tiber River.  I’m thinking of taking a bus there, just for a different experience, and so we are not tired out before we get there.   (We’ve taken a lot of taxis but they are expensive… $15-20 every time we go across town.)