Interesting links and things to read

Are you a tea drinker?  Any reason you might need a web-based tea timer? (via Lifehacker)

Why are bottles of Corona served with a wedge of lime?   Snopes investigates. 

Kanye’s house is for sale in LA.  

Just got the Fail Whale from Twitter.  The service may be down, but at least you get to see the whale, which makes it feel not-so-bad.  Maybe it’s because the whale is smiling?  Read about the Fail Whale here.

The Twitter Fail Whale rears it’s pretty head.

The Square app for iphone, ipad and Android is probably going to be big… it allows anyone to accept credit card payments, anywhere.  It requires a little card swiping attachment but they seem to sending them out for free.  Imagine… it will be so easy to accept credit cards tableside at restaurants, for artists at art fairs, etc.


Also – I saw a blog post on how to cook lamb’s testicles, but it made me feel ill and I won’t make you look at it.  OK – you can look if you really want to.  But I warned you.