Best Mother’s Day Tweets

Seen on Twitter today:

  • In honor of my mom I burnt a meal, ignored myself and accused my dad of aloofness.  eddiepepitone
  • A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary. Dorothy C. Fisher  peri37
  • Julia Ward Howe was a poet, abolitionist &suffragist who intended Mother’s Day as an antiwar statement. And a boon to the brunch industry.  jonesarah 
  • Happy Mother’s Day –a woman who, though not one to swear freely, put the term “Shitbird” in my everyday vernacular. Thanks mom.  SunsetGunShots
  • Hey fuckers! Support single moms and buy a lap dance!  jessicajanson
  • RT @ I decided to visit my mom for Mother’s Day. I haven’t seen her in 10 years. Today I also found out she’s been dead for 9 years.  Gtrfrk87 
  • Real #mothersday Fact 10: Real Mothers don’t eat quiche; They don’t have time to make it.  concert4autism
  • RT @sooo_fetch: My mom want a Coach bag for #MothersDay smh..Wht ever happened to its the thought tht counts lolsexynurse1908
  • happymothers day to my mom widout her theres no mee than happy mothersday too all my homegirls wid dem kids lol  Leboe1times3