Overview of last two days: June 17 and 18

Wed, June 17 – Venice > Florence

  • Hard time waking up.  Vaporetti to Rialto market.  Coffee, cichetti and wine for breakfast.
  • Explore that neighborhood, back to hotel to pack.
  • Vaporetti to train station, train to Florence.
  • Taxi to hotel – nap. 
  • Out for dinner – walked out of first place because they sat me in the basement.  (Yellow Bar).  Then I went to a restaurant called Marione that had good food, stale bread and a bitchy waitress.  Gelato for dessert, then back to hotel.

Thurs, June 18 – Florence

  • Quick breakfast & coffee in hotel
  • Accademia museum to see David and musical instruments
  • Stop for coffee and croissant (twice)
  • Walk to scooter rental place, rent for 24 hours
  • Ride to Oltrarno.  Rest outside Palazzo Pitti.  Drive up hill to Michaelangelo Piazza for amazing view of the city from above.
  • Ride further up the hill to the medieval chuch of San miniato al monte.
  • Ride to I Tarocchi, a pizza place for lunch (salad and pizza with eggplant) – fantastic.
  • Ride to Mercato Centrale.  Get lost a few times.  Lose map from open pocket of messenger bag!
  • Ride to hotel, getting lost a few times.  Buy a new map, gelato and water.
  • Back to hotel to rest and watch Hell’s Kitchen on the laptop.
  • Out to dinner at Coco Lezzone, which was great, although a little overpriced.  I had rigatoni with meat sauce and veal scallopini with tomato sauce. 
  • Out for gelato (2 places!), walk around and take some pictures (walked around the Duomo), then back to hotel.