Review of Day 3: Orvieto and Venice

Here’s an overview of what we did today:

Mon, June 15 – Orvieto and Venice

  • Coffee in hotel restaurant. Alberto took us to snack shop outside city for breakfast (sweet croissants, panini and cappucino)
  • Drive to Orvieto (1 hour). Stop at La Badia hotel and then into town to see another restaurant.
  • Drive to Florence to drop a couple of us off for the train. Pick up pizza and panini for the train.
  • 2.5 hour train to Venice in 1st class reserved seat.
  • Water taxi to hotel. Drinks in lobby.
  • 20 min gondola ride to restaurant. Dinner (Pasta e fagioli soup, lasagna, lemon/celery gelato)
  • Walk back to hotel through Piazza San Marco.

Tomorrow: morning walking tour, visit another hotel, afternoon on own to explore.