Sunday Morning

Note: Click on any photo for large version.

It’s about Noon here in Rome, and we just got back from a little sightseeing excursion to some of the Roman “must see” sights: the Spanish steps,


Trevi fountain,




and Roman forum.


They were all fascinating and crowded with tourists and tours. They’re the types of sites I want to see quickly, get them over with, and then enjoy the real city. For people who see only these sites, they are missing out.


We had a tour guide today who was unbearable. He was an older man who walked slowly and lectured on and on and on about historical detail about every building, every statue, every obelisk, etc. Who cares? I was tired of him after about 3 minutes. I much prefer walking with a guide book, just taking in the flavor of the area, looking up the things I’m interested in learning more about. This guy probably put me off tours for the next 20 years.

Now – we rest for an hour and then head out to lunch.