Review of Day 1: Rome

It’s 10:30 PM here in Rome and I am totally pooped! I slept for about 30 min on the plane last night, and an hour this morning upon arrival. We’ve been running all day… and this afternoon I thought I was going to fall over. I think I had about 4 espresso.

Dinner woke me up though… we went to a popular local place and the food was fantastic: antipasto included meatballs, melon, salami, prosciutto, mozzarella, toasted bread, olive oil, sweet baby onions, and more. It was all delicious. Then I had pasta e fagioli soup, which was amazing, and then penne with ricotta, eggplant and tomato sauce. All amazing.



We didn’t order dessert, but they brought us almond biscotti and some sweet white wine to dip them into. Really delicious. I’m quite full now.

After dinner I walked around a couple blocks near the hotel. Everything is closed except for cafes and restaurants… they’re all busy, even at 10:30 at night (and all looked good).

Here’s an overview of my day:

  • Arrive at Rome airport. Transfer to hotel. Coffee, then sleep for 1 hour. Wake up dazed and confused.
  • Lunch at Il Vero Alfredo.
  • Quickie tour of Vatican Museum (amazing – must go back), Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Site visit to 3 locations for group dinners
  • Hotel to freshen up, then espresso in the hotel bar.
  • Walk to Girarrosto Toscano for dinner, walk back to hotel.

Tomorrow: Spanish Steps, Roman Forum, Colosseum, more Italian food.