12 fantastic web-based tools

Some web-based tools that I use daily:

This is my home page and RSS reader. I find it to be the most flexible and clean looking reader out there, and I prefer it over iGoogle and Pageflakes. Highly recommended.


Don’t trust the hotel or your alarm clock when you have an early wake-up planned… this site will call you for free. Takes just seconds to set up.


This has defined my use of the web over the last couple years. I bookmark everything on it and use their Firefox extension to access bookmarked pages on two different computers (Mac and PC). I use their “bundled tags” toolbar in Firefox in place of favorites or folders of favorites. This allows me to have bookmarks synced on two computers with no effort on my part at all.

My preferred image hosting solution. I know it’s owned by Yahoo now, but it’s still amazing. So many options: tags, groups, sets, collections, archives, maps, notes, comments, etc. Worth the $25 a year for the pro version, but limited access is free.


Songs I play in itunes are automatically listed in LastFM, so that I can track my listening habits on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. Doesn’t always track my ipod plays completely, but it’s better than nothing.


Best source for bittorrent downloads. Find music, tv shows, movies, etc. Of course I don’t personally download files off of BTJunkie but I hear it works great.


Fantastic web-based instant messaging.

I don’t use this on a daily basis, but when I use it, it’s very handy. You set up an account and are given a phone number to call. Program the number into your cell phone, and then when you call you can record a message that is transcribed and emailed to you or anyone else you choose. Great when you’re on the road and need to send yourself a reminder for later.

Send free text messages to any phone.



Google Maps

No contest – best map site online.

No contest – best email anywhere.

Google Finance
This is a great way to keep tabs on your investments. Fantastic, clean looking, easy to set up.

Google Docs
Google versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint hosted online for document sharing and publishing. Really intuitive, really easy to use, really free. I find myself using this more and more often lately.