How to “Right Click” on a Mac

For new Mac users, not being able to right click can be one of the most difficult changes to adjust to. Of course you can “right click” on a Mac, there are just more ways to do it than on a PC.

Method 1: Use the Mouse
The Apple Mighty Mouse allows you to right click. If you don’t like the Mighty Mouse (or want something less expensive), here are a couple options that are highly recommended: Mouse 1


Mouse 2


Method 2: CTRL-Click
To get the same effect as right clicking, you can hold own the CTRL key while clicking with the mouse.

Method 3: Two Finger Click on the Trackpad
If you go to the Mouse/Trackpad page in System Preferences, you can turn on “Tap trackpad using two fingers for secondary click”. This allows you to tap the trackpad with two fingers side by side (but with a space in between) to get the “right click” effect.


While you’re in the Mouse system preferences, you might want to turn on two-finger scrolling as well. I couldn’t live without it.

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