Subscribe to a public calendar in ical

To subscribe to a public calendar in ical, you first have to locate the calendar. There are lots located on the Apple site, but there are many published elsewhere. (Lists here)

(Here’s how to publish your own from iCal).

Let’s say you want to subscribe to this calendar listing new DVD releases. First you have to find the calendar link. On the Apple site it’s labeled as “download” but on other sites you may just see a URL. The important thing to notice is that the link ends with “.ics”. If it ends with “.ics”, it’s a calendar you can subscribe to in ical.

On the Apple page, click on the download link. Your Mac should automatically know to open the .ics link in ical. (If it doesn’t, copy the link location. In ical, click CALENDAR and SUBSCRIBE and then paste the link.)


Once you click OK, ical will download the calendar information and then show you this window of options:


Here you can name the calendar, choose it’s color, and, most importantly, choose how often it should auto refresh. If you choose “No”, it will never be updated to match the online version. Select daily, weekly, or whatever your comfortable with.

Click OK and you’re done. Remember that you can click the checkboxes next to each of your calendars in ical to show or hide those calendar items.


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