How to publish an ical calendar online

There are lots of reasons you might want to publish a ical calendar online:

  • You want your girlfriend to be able to see your schedule
  • You want to publish a schedule for the soccer team you play on
  • You’re a teacher and you want to publish a calendar of deadlines for your students to access online
  • You want an easy way to put a calendar online for your club or organization

Why publish an ical calendar instead of using some online calendar software? Convenience. By starting with an ical calendar on your own computer, you can make changes right on your own system anytime, and they are automatically updated online for others to see. Also, by publishing it, not only can people see the schedule on a website, they can also subscribe to the calendar themselves in Google Calendars or ical on their own Mac.

So here’s how to do it.

First you need a place to host the calendar. If you have a .Mac account, you’re all set. If not, sign up for a free account at iCal Exchange. Once you have an account, you’ll see two URL addresses on your iCal Exchange page: one for private calendars and one for public. You probably want public. Copy the address.

Open ical and click on the calendar at left that you want to publish. (It doesn’t matter which ones are checked or not checked, you just need to click on the one you want). On the menu bar, click on CALENDAR and PUBLISH.


This window will pop up:


At the top, decide what you want to call the calendar.

Where it says “Publish on:”, you choose .Mac or “a Private Server”. If you are hosting it on iCal Exchange, choose Private Server.

Enter the iCal Exchange URL on the next line, along with your iCal Exchange username and password.

You probably want to select “Publish Changes Automatically” so that the online calendar is kept current. Then click Publish.

To find your iCal online, go back to iCal Exchange and click on Your Account on the left side. You may need to reload the page. You’ll see your calendar listed under public calendars, with two important links.


The .ics link is the address someone would use to subscribe to your calendar. I know it works on Google Calendar and iCal, it might work on others as well. Here are instructions for how to subscribe to a public calendar. So you can e-mail this link to anyone who wants to subscribe to your calendar, or even create a public Google calendar that is subscribed to your calendar.

The html link will show your calendar in a web-based calendar format. Granted, it’s not an attractive calendar, but it works and it’s free. You can e-mail this link to anyone who you want to be able to see your calendar online.…>

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