Download your favorite TV shows (or YouTube)

Here’s how to download your favorite TV shows to watch on your mac.

Download Miro. Miro is a video downloader and player all in one. You set up your favorite shows and the software will look for new episodes daily. You can set it to automatically download new episodes or to wait for you to do it manually.

Once you have Miro installed, I suggest you delete all the default shows and channels in the left panel. Next we’ll want to set up a “channel” for each show that you want to watch.

Here’s what my left panel looks like:


Each RSS feed is a different show. The blue numbers show how many episodes there are to download. Each blue number shows how many downloaded shows I have yet to watch.

As for the YouTube items… I’ll get those later.

To set up a channel, go to TVRSS and find the show you want to watch. You can’t find every show in the world there, only shows that are popular with internet users. Click on the show name and look for a link titled “Search based RSS feed”.


CTRL-click on the link titled “Search based RSS feed” and copy the link location. Then go back to Miro.

In Miro, click on CHANNELS and select ADD CHANNEL. Paste the link and click OK. You’ll see a new feed appear in the left panel on the Miro window. I suggest you CTRL-click on the feed and rename it with the name of the show itself.

When you click on the show name in the left panel, you’ll see a list of shows on the right panel that are waiting to be downloaded. The download is actually via bittorent, but it’s much easier than any bittorrent downloading you’ve ever done before.

In the upper right part of the right panel, you can change settings for the show to say whether you want new episodes automatically downloaded or not.

Once a show is downloaded, you just click and watch. You can double click on the video to go full screen. When the video is over, click Delete in the lower right corner and the video is moved to the trash.

You can also use Miro to search and easily download YouTube videos. Just click in the YouTube search box at lower left and type in your search terms. A list of videos come up and you just click on the arrows to download. It’s that easy. You can even save the search to show you when there are new videos that match your search terms. It couldn’t be easier.

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