Customize your icons

Here’s how to customize the look of your mac a bit – by changing icons. You can use any small image to an icon, but it is best to use an image designed as an icon. You can find icons on sites like these:

So once you’ve found an icon you like, download it to your computer. Click on the icon document (sometimes it’s a folder) and click APPLE-I to get info (or go to FILE & GET INFO). You’ll see the icon in two places: a small one at top left, and a large one at the bottom. You want to click once on the small icon at the top and COPY (APPLE-C).

Then go to the document or folder you want to use this icon for. Open the GET INFO window and click on that document’s small icon in the upper corner. Then PASTE (APPLE-V) and close the window. Voila!


(Click on image for larger view.)

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