Showing File Paths in the Finder

First of all, what is a file path? It’s the path you would take to find a particular file or folder. In other words, it describes a file’s location. It might in your hard drive, then in the music folder, then in an Albums folder… so the path might be HardDrive/Music/Albums/etc.

In Apple’s Tiger operating system, there was only one way to show a file’s path in a window: you could Apple-click on the window’s name and it would reveal the file path.

In Tiger, this is made much easier.
One way is to go to VIEW and select SHOW FILE PATH. Then at the bottom of every finder window you’ll see the path of whatever file you have selected.


But there’s another way. CTRL-click on the top of a finder window, and select CUSTOMIZE TOOLBAR.


Then click and drag the File Path button to the finder window.


From now on, that button will appear in your finder window, and you can click on it any time to show a file’s path.


Apple – Mac – OSX – Leopard – Kevin Dern