Amazing Screen Zoom

This is a trick that you’ll use every day once you get the hang of it. It allows you to zoom your entire screen image in and out with one keystroke.

By default, this is turned on in system preferences, so you might not need to do anything to make it work. Try it out now: hold down the CTRL and APPLE keys, and then click the PLUS sign to zoom in. Click the plus again to zoom in more, and use the minus sign to zoom out. Pretty amazing, right?

If you have your trackpad preferences set to allow two finger scroll, it gets even easier. Hold down just the CTRL key and scroll up and down with two fingers.

If zooming is not working for you, here’s how to turn it on.

Go to system preferences and click on Universal Access.


Turn on Zoom.


Then click on OPTIONS next to Zoom.


Here’s where you set all the options. The last option is where you select the option to use scroll wheel (or two fingers on trackpad) to zoom in and out.

Apple – Mac – OSX – Leopard Tips – Kevin Dern