Save any Document as a PDF File

To save any document as a PDF, go FILE and PRINT. In the lower left corner of the print options window, you’ll see “PDF”. Click here and select “Save as PDF”.

You can select the number of pages, page layout, etc., just as you would if you were printing to a real printer. But instead of being printed out, the document will be saved as a PDF on your hard drive.


So what is this useful for? Saving a web page receipt, a web page you want to read later on the plane, even a nice email from someone that you want to remember. Instead of trying to save it as html or text file, why not save it as a PDF that you can open easily anytime?

It’s also useful if you have created a document, perhaps in Word or Excel, and you want to send it to someone else to review. By saving it in PDF format, you can be sure that the document will look the same on their screen as it does on yours, even if they have a different system, fonts, etc.

Apple – Mac – OSX – Leopard – Kevin Dern