Essential free software for the mac

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Backup software. Easy to use, works flawlessly. You are backing up on a weekly basis, right? Free.


SlimBattery Monitor
Useful little utility that reduces the size of the battery icon in the menu bar, and shows more information. Free. link


Amazing interface for the mac that allows you to open programs and execute actions with a couple keystrokes. Hard to learn, amazing to use. Free. link

Graphic Converter

This is a powerful graphics program. Great for slideshows, photo editing, renaming, etc. Better than iphoto. It’s no photoshop, but it’s free. Free. link

Write Room
Eliminate all distractions and type on a black screen. Very sleek. Amazing program if you like to write. Free. link

Netflix Freak
If you’re a Netflix fan, you’ll love this. Edit your queue, browse movies and more within a clean, OS X interface. Free. link

Audio editor. I use this mostly to extract songs from podcasts and save them as MP3 files. Free. link


Disc Inventory X
Allows you to view how you are using up your hard drive. Shows each file as a small box. Helps you to see how you’re using up all those gigabytes. Easy to use and free. link


Mac the Ripper
This program will allow you to rip most DVDs to your hard drive. You’ll need another program to burn your DVDs. I use Toast, which is not free, but works great. Mac the Ripper is free. link

VLC Media Player
Allows you to play FLV files that you download from YouTube or GoogleVideo, as well as lots of other video formats. Free. Link


This is a useless but fun little program that takes photos from your built-in isight camera and makes them into a time lapse video. Free. link


Google Earth
No explanation necessary, right? If you haven’t played with this yet, prepare to be blown away. Free. link


Gmail Notifier
If you use gmail, you’ll love this. A little icon sits in the menu bar and tells you when you have mail. Free. link

The only P2P program I’ll use. No spam, no spyware. Free. link

I love OS X, but renaming files is a pain. This program makes it easy to rename batch files. Free. link

Stuffit Expander
Essential utility to decompress sit and zip files. Free. link


This program allows you to easily access ipod files without itunes. This makes it easy to copy songs from your ipod to your mac (or from a friend’s ipod!). Free. link


In my opinion, Firefox is the best browser available. It’s definitely better (and more customizable) than Safari. If you’ve never tried it, you owe it to yourself. Seriously. Free. link


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